In Vitro ADMET

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Expert study designs and data interpretation from the In Vitro services group at Agilux allow you to characterize your drug candidate's ADME properties and its potential for drug interactions with our in vitro ADME assays.


Agilux Laboratories has focused on building systems and procedures to meet the needs and timelines of clients working in the discovery environment. Our goal is to deliver "Better Data Faster”. We offer a range of Research Grade Assays (RGAs) in our in-vitro assay services. Each of our in vitro assays can be offered as an early screening single determination (RGA 1) or a more definitive study to determine PK/ ADME characteristics (RGA 2 & RGA 3). Each of the assays has positive controls that are monitored for inter-day variability as well as acting as controls for that specific analysis. While Agilux has standard procedures for each of these assays, our team of experienced Study Directors can also assist in designing the best strategy and protocols customized to suit any drug discovery needs.

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